Australian Illustrators Showcase Schedule

Have you ever wanted to see what it’s like to go plein air painting in the bush? Spend time in an artist’s studio tucked behind a bookshop? Want to know the difference between the shorelines of Perth and Melbourne?

Australian illustrators have joined forces to show you, with our Showcase of Australian artistic talent and the uniquely Australian context that makes their work so special.

Catch their videos of their artistic talents in action at the times below on the Australian Collective Stand, as they take you through their tools, studios, and, of course, the beautiful books all their hard work creates. And if you miss any of the videos when they go live, you can catch up with them further down the page!

Time (AEST) Illustrator Time (CEST)
5PM – 11PM June 14

Gregg Dreise

9AM – 3PM June 14
11PM June 14 – 5AM June 15

Jo Dabrowski

3PM – 9PM June 14
5AM – 11AM June 15

Anne Ryan

5AM June 15 – 11AM June 15
11AM – 5PM June 15

Briony Stewart

3AM – 9AM June 15
5PM – 11PM June 15

Kirrili Lonergan

9AM – 3PM June 15
11PM June 15 – 5AM June 16

Max Hamilton

3PM – 9PM June 15
5AM – 11AM June 16

David Woodland

9PM June 15 – 3AM June 16
11AM – 5PM June 16

Deb Hudson

3AM – 9AM June 16
5PM – 11PM June 16

Amy Calautti

9AM – 3PM June 16
11PM June 16 – 5AM June 17

Andrew McLean

3PM – 9PM June 16
5AM – 11AM June 17

Jess Racklyeft

9PM June 16 – 3AM June 17
11AM – 5PM June 17

Shane McGowan

3AM – 9AM June 17
5PM – 11PM June 17

Cheri Hughes

9AM – 3PM June 17
11PM June 17 – 5AM June 18

Bronwyn Bancroft

3PM – 9PM June 17

Catch Up With the Premiered Videos Below!