A is for Ability

Sarah Rose and Alley Pascoe, Beck Feiner

A is for Ability is a big-hearted guide to disability, full of letters, learnings and laughs from a disabled person to you. It’s an A-Z of celebrating what makes each of us unique, presented in the form of a brightly illustrated picture book for kids aged 5+ with a page for each letter that also includes the illustrated Auslan sign.

A Note from the Author

When I was a kid at school, I remember learning the alphabet. I don’t remember being taught about disability, diversity, or the importance of real inclusion. These are lessons I’ve had to learn myself – often through lived experience as someone with short stature – and they’re lessons I want to share with the world. Disability isn’t a dirty word.

This book is a guide for children with abilities and disabilities, to kickstart communications and discussions on what makes people different and what makes us the same. This book is an invitation to children and parents to ask questions, start conversations and learn answers. Having a disability can be challenging for kids, but over time children will learn to adjust and thrive in the classroom and community.

In the pages of this book, I hope to encourage kids to express their emotions and feelings about being different. Our differences are what make us special, they’re a part of our individual uniqueness and they make the world a better, more interesting place. – Sarah Rose

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