A Secret Safe to Tell

Naomi Hunter, Karen Erasmus

It happened when I was little, always when we were alone… But sometimes he did things that worried me, and made me feel completely strange on the inside.

I thought games were supposed to be FUN.

This is a gentle book that encourages meaningful conversations about body safety, the importance of not keeping secrets and confiding in trusted adults if something is making you uncomfortable.

It’s the most remarkable kid’s book published in a long time; if I could hand-deliver a copy to every family in Australia, I would. It’s that important.'

- Kate Leaver, Mamamia and Pottermore

Thank you for reminding me what books are for

- Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief

Within three months of this book's release, 10 young children disclosed sexual abuse while reading it. They were saved by this book.

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Children's Choice Awards China, 2019
ABIA, 2015
child protection, body safety

Naomi Hunter

Naomi is a dual ABIA shortlisted author. She is a passionate author of children’s story books that nurture and empower children.

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A Secret Safe to Tell
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