A Way Home

Emily Brewin

Sixteen-year-old Grace lives under a bridge in Melbourne’s CBD. It’s cold and wet, but hidden. Safe, at least, until she can go home. When winter drives her to the City Library one morning, Grace meets Louie, a weird kid with his own problems, and discovers a community piano. The piano reminds Grace of her mum, a celebrated pianist whose mental illness makes life a rollercoaster – and not always a fun one.

When Grace comes up with a plan to find the help she and Mum need, life begins to look up. But things don’t work out as Grace imagines and suddenly her world’s turned upside down again, and maybe for good this time.

A Way Home is a big-hearted novel that explores the complexities of growing up with a parent who is struggling, and about the places and people we call home.

A gritty and moving novel about a vulnerable young woman’s capacity to endure, and to find courage, despite the shocking dysfunction in the lives of those she depends on.

- Ingrid Laguna, author of Kit and Arlo

YA Fiction

Emily Brewin

Emily Brewin is a Melbourne author, copywriter, and learning designer. Her first novel, Hello, Goodbye, was published in 2017 and her second, Small Blessings, in 2019. A Way Home is her first YA novel. She has written short fiction for various anthologies, and is currently writing her fourth novel.

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