Africa’s Eden

Cheryl Adam

As a young unmarried mother in the 1960s, Maureen faces stifling disapproval and condemnation from mainstream society. Desperate to create a new life for herself and her baby, she rekindles an old romance and moves to South Africa under Apartheid.

But her precarious journey to Africa’s Eden is not the paradise she anticipated. Cultures smash against each other, family relationships are strained, there is death and despair, violence and injustice. But there is also humour, fun, family and friendship, as Maureen has to decide where her future lies. Is it in Africa or back home in distant Eden, in her Australian homeland?

Cheryl Adam’s gifts as a storyteller, so evident in the first two novels of her Eden trilogy, continue to delight and fascinate in this African setting. An enjoyable and rewarding read.

- Amazon Review

Paperback & ebook
family, relationships, Africa

Cheryl Adam

Cheryl Adam has written three books for Spinifex Press – Lillian’s Eden, Out of Eden, Africa’s Eden.

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