All I Ever Wanted Was to be Hot

Lucinda Price

I have always known that to be hot is to be powerful. For most of my life, I just took it as the way things are, a fact not worth interrogating since it’s so obviously true.’

Up until her twenty-fifth birthday, the number one priority in Lucinda Price’s life was to look good. She nipped, tucked, cut, plucked, shaved, tanned, crunched, squatted and starved. Then, she broke down.

All I Ever Wanted Was To Be Hot is a funny, provocative retrospective on the last thirty years of Western beauty standards. From the Pussycat Dolls to Victoria’s Secret, The Girls of the Playboy Mansion to Lara Bingle, the media of the 2000s was littered with high profile examples of hotness as the highest form of social currency. Is it any wonder a girl growing up in that era might believe “good looks” were as integral to womanhood as having a pulse?

With her offbeat humour and incisive cultural commentary, Lucinda tells the unfiltered story of a young woman overcoming an eating disorder, illuminating our enduring obsession with appearance by holding a mirror up to herself, and in turn, all of us.

A hilarious, insightful deep dive into self image, desirability, pop-culture and power. A sparkling debut by one of Australia’s most beloved creators and comedians, Lucinda Price aka Froomes.

A book for the modern woman, laced with unflinching, glorious honesty.

- Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews, co-founders of Shameless Media

A funny, real interrogation of Australia's body image problem, and a call to arms to dismantle diet culture.

- Chantelle Otten

A feminist manifesto, a younger millennial gospel, with unparalleled candour and self awareness. I inhaled this book – it's going to be big.

- Jessie Stephens

Paperback & ebook
Social Commentary

Lucinda Price

Lucinda Price (aka Froomes) is a writer, presenter, comedian, podcaster and radio host. She’s one half of award-winning popculture radio duo Flex & Froomes on CADA and iHeartRadio. Her writing work has appeared in the Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC and Pedestrian, alongside her weekly newsletter with over 10,000 subscribers. Her sold-out debut show at the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival was rated five stars from The Age.

She’s also the CEO of FROOMESWORLD, an international one-woman business specialising in scripting, producing, presenting and editing original content. She has amassed a cult following online and earned an AACTA nomination for Best Digital Creator of 2022.

Lucinda’s TV credits include ABC’s At Home Alone Together, in a sketch she wrote and edited, Amazon original The Moth Effect, Australia Now and Then, a host on MTV Australia, a presenter on ABC’s Art Works and the red carpet host of the 2022 ARIA Awards. She has also written for the 2021 ARIA Awards and ABC’s Question Everything.

With a passion for taking the piss across multi-platform media, Froomes is a one-of-a-kind creative powerhouse.

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All I Ever Wanted Was to be Hot
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