An Introduction to Japanese Society, 5e

Yoshio Sugimoto

An Introduction to Japanese Society provides a highly readable introduction to Japanese society by internationally renowned scholar Yoshio Sugimoto. Taking a sociological approach, the text examines the multifaceted nature of contemporary Japanese society with chapters covering class, geographical and generational variation, work, education, gender, ethnicity, religion, popular culture, and the establishment. This edition begins with a new historical introduction placing the sociological analysis of contemporary Japan in context, and includes a new chapter on religion and belief systems. Comprehensively revised to include current research and statistics, the text covers changes to the labor market, evolving conceptions of family and gender, demographic shifts in an aging society, and the emergence of new social movements. Each chapter now contains illustrative case examples, research questions, recommended further readings and useful online resources. Written in a lively and engaging style, An Introduction to Japanese Society remains essential reading for all students of Japanese society.

To match contemporary teaching syllabi, the text now includes a brief historical introduction to Japan and a chapter on religion and belief systems

The engaging discussion encourages students to develop an understanding of the complexity and multifaceted nature of Japanese society

Student learning is scaffolded through the inclusion of case examples and video examples, research questions, suggested further readings and online resources

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Yoshio Sugimoto, La Trobe University

Yoshio Sugimoto is a Emeritus Professor at La Trobe University

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An Introduction to Japanese Society, 5e
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