At the Dog Park

Moira Court

In lively rhyming prose, Moira Court captures all the joy of the dog park, with each canine created in clever paper collage and screen-print. At the Dog Park features real-life hounds of Western Australia, including those of local authors Dianne Wolfer and James Foley. Children will love identifying their favourite dog breeds and what dogs they have seen at the park while learning about opposites.

Guaranteed to engage youngsters … Verdict: super

- Herald Sun

Court’s illustrations are as gorgeous as her words.

- South Sydney Herald

The text is perfect for reading aloud with delicious words and a wonderful rhythm that is beautifully complemented by lively paper collage illustrations.

- Good Reading

Picture book

Moira Court

Moira Court is an artist and illustrator who predominantly works in printmaking and likes to chop up the failures to use for collaging. Her work is inspired by nature, conservation, folklore and folk art.

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