Australian Universities: A conversation about public good

Edited by Julia Horne and Matthew A.M. Thomas

Australian Universities: A conversation about public good highlights contemporary challenges facing Australian universities and offers new ideas for expanding public good.

More than 20 experts take up the debate about our public universities: who they are for; what their mission is (or should be); what strong higher education policy entails; and how to cultivate a robust and constructive relationship between government and Australian universities. Issues covered include:

– How to change a culture of exclusion to ensure all are welcome in universities, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students as well as those from low socio-economic backgrounds.
– How “educational disadvantage” in Australia often begins in school and is still the major barrier to full university participation.
– The reality that funding for research and major infrastructure requires significant additional funds from non-government sources (e.g. international student fees).
– A lack of policy recognition that international university students increase Australia’s social, cultural and economic capital.
– Pathways to making policy decisions wide-ranging, consultative, inclusive and inspired rather than politically partisan and ideologically driven.
– The impact of COVID-19 on universities, and particularly how the pandemic and governmental responses exacerbated extant and emerging issues.

Australian Universities rekindles a much-needed conversation about the vital role of public universities in our society, arguing for initiatives informed by the realities of university life and offering a way forward for government, communities, students and public universities – together – to advance public good.

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Julia Horne and Matthew A.M. Thomas

Julia Horne is Professor of History at the University of Sydney. Matthew A.M. Thomas is a Senior Lecturer in Comparative Education and Sociology of Education at the University of Sydney.

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Australian Universities: A conversation about public good
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