Born Into This

Adam Thompson

The stories in Born Into This throw light on a world of unique cultural practice and perspective, from Indigenous rangers trying to instil some pride in wayward urban teens on harsh islands to those scraping by on the margins of white society railroaded into complex and compromised decisions. To this mix Adam Thompson manages to bring humour, pathos and occasionally a sly twist as his characters confront racism, untimely funerals, classroom politics and, overhanging all like a discomforting, burgeoning awareness for both white and black peoples, the inexorable damage and disappearance of the remnant natural world.

[A] riveting debut collection. Stories of brutal weather and angry bees, urban protests and remote islands, trace the tether between Tasmanian Aboriginal people and their ancestral lands. Thompson’s strengths are in his exquisite descriptions of nature, as well as his memorable voice.

- Publishers Weekly

... a potent collection by an author who mined the richness of both his ancestry, his work within the Aboriginal community and his island home for tales about black and white relations, colonialism, class friction, racism and the despoilment of heritage and environment... With its wit, intelligence and restless exploration of the parameters of race and place, Thompson’s debut collection is a welcome addition to the canon of Indigenous Australian writers.

- The Guardian

Mordant, edgy humour is one of the collection's strengths, especially when combined with a touch of the fantastic.

- The Age

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Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson is an emerging Aboriginal (pakana) writer of contemporary short fiction. Adam has been awarded a First Nations Fellowship at Varuna – The Writers House, several Arts Tasmania grants, and was one of ten recipients of The Next Chapter initiative through the Wheeler Centre.

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