Come Home Ella

Chelsea Davies, Lisa Coutts

My baby sister couldn’t wait to see the world. That’s why she came so early. She probably didn’t know she would be stuck inside a hospital. She probably didn’t know that I wouldn’t be allowed to see her.

Come Home Ella light-heartedly follows the emotional journey of a family after their baby’s early arrival. Told through the eyes of baby Ella’s older sibling, it aims to educate children about premature babies and help families experiencing similar situations deal with the emotions involved.

‘Absolutely love the story and the beautiful illustrations and my little girl loves reading the book, she lights up every time I tell her that she fought hard like Ella.’

- NICU parent

Pre-term birth

Chelsea Davies

Chelsea is an emerging author and mother of three living in the picturesque Margaret River Region of Western Australia. Forever gaining inspiration from her surroundings, Chelsea writes poetry and picture books to engage, empower and intrigue young minds.

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Come Home Ella
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