Connect with Nature

Dr Les Higgins

If you want a deeper connection with nature, this book is for you. It will help you form a relationship with nature that can improve happiness, well-being and health. At the same time, it will foster in you a desire to take care of the natural environment.
You will learn how easy and rewarding it is to connect with nature:
-regardless of your age, fitness, and abilities
-around your home and further away
-in a way that is comfortable for you
-with your family and friends
-in times of emotional distress

This informed, personal, and practical book welcomes us into the great outdoors with open arms. Dr Higgins invites readers to connect with nature, not for didactic, political, or romantic reasons, but for the very simple reason that we are, fundamentally, environmental animals.

- Emeritus Professor Bill Boyd DSc, President, Bushwalking NSW

Reading this book helped me shift from Yeah-yeah-nature-is-great-I-must-get-out-there-more to actually prioritising nature connection in my week. And doing that with joy and a sense of anticipation rather than obligation.

- Wendy Moore OAM, B App Sc, Artist and teacher

Connecting to nature is good for you. This book may inspire you to connect more with nature which may also inspire you to do more to take care of nature.

- Dr Ian McGregor – activist and researcher

Paperback & Hardback & ebook
Non fiction

Dr Les Higgins

Dr Les Higgins, has a background in health psychology and education. He has spent most of his life extensively involved in nature activities. Keen to introduce others to nature, he is co-author of A Day in the Bush: Bushwalking in and around Sydney.

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Connect with Nature
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