Darkest Night, Brightest Star

Barry Jonsberg

From the bestselling, multi-award-winning author of My Life as an Alphabet and A Song Only I Can Hear comes another wonderful middle fiction novel that is warm, upbeat, intriguing and wholly absorbing.

Two things that are true and one that is a lie.
I think my mother is dead and alive.
I think if I work hard I will be very good at something.
I’ve tried to please my dad but I don’t think I ever will.

Thirteen year old Morgan Pickford lives with his dad and his older brother Mitch. Morgan hasn’t heard from his mum since she left when he was two years old.

Morgan is kind yet flawed, naïve and sensitive, determined and courageous. He tries hard to make his dad proud but is always quietly navigating the uneasy landscape of his father’s high expectations, simmering anger and toxic masculinity.

When Morgan makes a friend at school, he is delighted but wary about what his father may think of the friendship.

A unique novel from a masterful storyteller, Darkest Night, Brightest Star is compelling and uncomfortable, and Morgan and his new friend Gray carry the story beautifully through to an ending that is wonderfully satisfying and hopeful.

Middle Grade Fiction

Barry Jonsberg

Barry Jonsberg Barry is the internationally popular author of 22 novels, for which he’s won many awards, including: WINNER Victorian Premier’s, Queensland Premier’s, Gold Inky, Territory Reads, Adelaide Festival, German Readers’ Choice Leserpreis, Children’s Peace Literature Awards; SHORTLISTED CBCA (three times), Prime Minister’s (twice), NSW Premier’s, WA Premier’s, Indie Awards. Barry’s titles have been published in 18 countries, translated into 12 languages and My Life as an Alphabet was adapted into the award winning feature film H is for Happiness. Barry was also a high school teacher of English for 38 years. www.barryjonsberg.com

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Darkest Night, Brightest Star
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