Día de los Muertos Oracle

by Kelly Sullivan Walden

Soul-Affirming Guidance from Beyond
On the Day of the Dead, the veils thin, and the departed return in a celebration of life. Tune in to this rich and festive tradition to connect with your loved ones and alchemize heartache into cherished wisdom.
Painted in Teotihuacán,
México, the vivid imagery of this oracle offers a wealth of symbolism alongside inspirational messages and practices for honoring and communing with your ancestors. Shuffle the deck, choose a card, and welcome angels, saints, memories, music, meaning, and spirit into your heart, home, readings, and meditations. Weave possibility, support, and purpose throughout your world with the mystical threads of Día de los Muertos.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Kelly Sullivan Walden

KELLY SULLIVAN WALDEN is on a mission to awaken the world to the power of dreams. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist whose unique approach to dream therapy (dream alchemy) has led her to become a trusted advisor, coach, and consultant, enriching the lives of countless individuals, including Fortune 500 executives, UN ambassadors, celebrities, entrepreneurs, inner-city kids, and stay-at-home moms. She is an inspirational speaker/workshop facilitator and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training (an online training program to empower people to develop dream mastery), the host of Dreams Unzipped (on iTunes), and Ask Doctor Dream on Unity Online Radio. Kelly is also proud to be the program director/founder of CHIME IN – The Change Is Me International – a youth-driven, adult-supported initiative that backs the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by empowering young leaders (age 16–24) by inspiring radical diversity and extreme self-responsibility. Kelly’s approach to dreams is both reverent and zany, and her empowering message has been featured on many national talk shows, including The Doctor Oz Show, Ricki Lake, The Real, Bethenny, Coast to Coast, and Hallmark’s Home & Family. Kelly is the ‘Dear Abby of Dreams’ in First for Women magazine, answering the inquiries of women worldwide in her “Instant Insight: Unlock the Power of Your Dreams” monthly column. Like John Lennon, Kelly Sullivan Walden is a dreamer, but she knows she’s not the only one. She dreams that one day people will stop taking their dreams lying down, and instead, be excited to sleep and inspired to wake up to the power of their dreams. She imagines water cooler conversations and international summit meetings that begin with, “So, what did you dream last night?”  Learn more about Kelly and her work at: www.KellySullivanWalden.com 

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Día de los Muertos Oracle
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