Evelyn Araluen

I told you this was a thirst so great it could carve rivers.
Award-winning writer Evelyn Araluen’s fierce debut confronts the tropes and iconography of an unreconciled nation with biting satire and lyrical fury. Dropbear interrogates the complexities of colonial and personal history with an alternately playful, tender and mournful intertextual voice, deftly navigating the responsibilities that gather from sovereign country, the spectres of memory and the debris of settler-coloniality. This innovative mix of poetry and essay offers an eloquent witness to the entangled present, an uncompromising provocation of history, and an embattled but redemptive hope for a decolonial future.

A deeply nuanced, sophisticated and self-aware book of poetry... Dropbear can teach us all if we are willing to learn how to read, to listen, to comprehend.

- The Sydney Morning Herald

In Dropbear, her debut collection of poetry, Evelyn Araluen wields a scalpel through twinkly visions and phantasma that treat the Australian landscape as empty necropolis.

- Guardian Australia

Exquisitely written... it wrests back the narratives about the Indigenous Australian experience from traditional (and contemporary) white stories in a fierce, spectacular way.

- The Nerd Daily

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Evelyn Araluen

Evelyn Araluen is a poet, researcher and co-editor of Overland Literary Journal. Evelyn has won various awards, including the Nakata Brophy Prize for Young Indigenous Writers and the Judith Wright Poetry Prize. Born and raised on Dharug country, she is a descendant of the Bundjalung Nation.

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