Dye of God: Essays on Islam and the Quran

Anthony Johns

Not a single word can be taken or heard in isolation. All represent nuclei of meaning that are cumulative and cohere, serving as triggers to activate the profoundest depths of religious consciousness’. Anthony John’s reflection on the language of the Qur’ān at the end of his essay on Job, speaks also to the quality of these essays which shine with the lucidity and humility of a lifetime’s scholarship. The Dye of God opens the spirituality of the Qur’ān and the manifold tradition of Islam, carefully and respectfully exploring its theological distinctiveness as well as its resonances with other Abrahamic faiths. This is a rich resource for deepening
understanding between faith communities, and for encouraging all in the love of God.

Rev Dr Sarah Bachelard, Director, Benedictus Contemplative Church,
Canberra, Australia

The author has found a way to give readers, even those without Arabic, some sense of the majesty of the Qur’ān’s language and the range of its concerns. These are studies of stories that tell of exhorting the great prophets to their most courageous resolutions, and of ministering to their moments of greatest frailty. By listening to the Qur’ānic stories so carefully, by finding the music in language to render them, and by meditating on the learned reflections of the great commentators who went before him, Johns is able to offer the modern reader an insight into why the narratives resonate through all aspects of Islamic life.
Dr AD Street, School of Divinity, Cambridge, UK

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Dye of God: Essays on Islam and the Quran