Earth Mothers Oracle

by Lynda Bell

The Earth Mothers are magical guardians who care for the animals in this world and beyond. The spirited beings they protect are here to provide you with intuitive wisdom and clarity. Lynda Bell’s vibrant portrayals of 45 goddess protectors and their furry, feathered, scaled, finned and fantastic charges will speak directly to your wild and imaginative heart. Through this authentic rekindling of love, kindness and compassion, you can explore significant life lessons, discover your courage, and find divine sustenance in the layers of strength, creativity and beauty within.

Welcome to a place where dreams are real and wisdom is woven through story, symbolism and connection.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Lynda Bell

Lynda Bell is an artist and writer who lives and creates in the far north of New Zealand with her family of humans and animals. Her studio is nestled amongst hills and trees, which she is sure are inhabited by mythical creatures and faerie folk. She has experience and training in education, fine art, design and art therapy, and connects this with her creative practice.

During her art therapy and visual arts study, Lynda became interested in and enthusiastic about using archetypes and symbolism, particularly in storytelling, for self-development and healing. Learning about the potential of stories to enhance someone’s life and motivate positive change inspired many of her paintings and the stories behind them. It also awakened the first idea for this oracle deck.

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Earth Mothers Oracle
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