Earth Warriors Oracle – Pocket Purpose Edition

by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Isabel Bryna

A new world is being born.Defying convention and living from the heart, Earth Warriors urge humanity forward with enormous positivity and passion for meaningful contribution and sacred purpose. This vibrant pocket edition expresses universal wisdom to empower your soul with courage and optimism. It’s time to awaken, heal, and protect humanity and our divine planet. May we do so together, with love.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Alana Fairchild

An artist of a different kind, Alana Fairchild is a visionary powerhouse with a gift for soul-nurturing communication. With a loving sense of humour and open nature, Alana weaves magic into the world to uplift, vitalise and comfort. She is a rare and nourishing channel who stimulates spiritual awakening and healing through her very presence. Her energy is a consciousness catalyst for transformation with a gentleness, purity, and potency that sets her apart.Alana’s insights promote freedom rather than doctrine in a language of the soul and the heart. Her works are thoughtfully guided for effectiveness and evolution, and are accessible to all individuals, regardless of religious or other beliefs. Alana has devoted her life to creating unique works that deeply heal and encourage wholeness. To explore her special offerings, including online programs, unique in-person experiences and more, you are warmly welcome to visit

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Earth Warriors Oracle – Pocket Purpose Edition
World ex English & French
Tanya Graham