Elegy for an Elephant

Ryan Abramowitz

Elegy for an Elephant is a story of three children seeking their father’s soul. After Elysium the elephant ends his life, his children Wonder the whale, Grace the swallow and Hope the dove embark on a journey between the sea and the stars.

Elegy for an Elephant honours ways we can connect with loved ones we have lost, and the timeless nature of love. This book is offered as a beacon of hope for readers navigating grief, and for the families and communities supporting them through their mourning.

Elegy for an Elephant is a brave work that deserves the widest possible readership. It deals with the trauma of losing a loved one to suicide with a lightness and a poignancy that renders it deeply moving and richly uplifting. The illustrations are delicate and luminous, it is a beautiful work.

- Matt Ottley: author - illustrator - composer

Readers dealing with the painful loss of a loved one to suicide will feel gently held and supported by Ryan’s thoughtful words. On each page exquisite illustrations unfold, inviting breath into the possibility of healing and hope for the future.

- Dr Diana Sands: researcher, clinician, educator

These illustrations ignited my sense of awe. I poured over the landscapes with their varied perspectives and points of view, along with their unusual beauty for a long time. This book reached straight into my heart in the best way, and it’s possible that I won’t ever be quite the same again.

- Elizabeth Vercoe: Kids Book Review

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Ryan Abramowitz

Ryan Abramowitz is a Melbourne-based artist and writer, drawing inspiration from human nature. He has worked in communications across corporate and not-for-profit settings. Ryan paints bespoke wedding artwork which celebrates each couple’s love story. Elegy for an Elephant is his debut picture-book.

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We hope that all those readers who turn the pages of our books will feel seen, supported and carried on their healing journey.

Elegy for an Elephant
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Ryan Abramowitz