Elliott’s Rainbow Heart

Laura Wallbridge, Ben Clifford

Elliott only likes to eat blue things. It is his favourite colour. Blue for breakfast. Blue for lunch. Blue for dinner. But when no blue things can be found in the rainforest, Elliott has to make the difficult choice, does he continue to battle his grumbly, rumbly, squelchy tummy, or does he try something new and strange? After a brief encounter with a beautiful creature with a rainbow heart, Elliott sets out on a quest for one of his own.

Join Elliott as he very bravely makes his way through the rainforest on a quest for something more, something strange, something rainbow!

Elliott’s Rainbow Heart nurtures children who struggle with new experiences, empowers them to give things a go and bravely deal with the emotions that accompany a change.

This story from Empowering Resources encourages children to try new experiences, and to bravely cope with the sometimes tricky emotions that go with change.'

- CBCA Reading Time

anxiety, autism

Laura Wallbridge

Laura is an emerging author who never lost her childhood interest in things magical and whimsy. Through her work in the music industry and public relations, Laura has fostered a love for words be they poetry, prose, or lyrics.

Empowering Resources

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Elliott’s Rainbow Heart
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