Eros: Myths and Lovers

Zoe Terakes

Queer and trans love has always existed. But our stories have been passed down to us by the hands of men, who, slowly but surely, twisted our passion into friendship, our lust into hate, our fluidity into binary. These myths are the stories of queer people, Gods, Goddesses, armies, worlds that were written out of history.

Because we have been erased, we must mine for our own past. It falls on us to dig for our own stories. We find them, like floodlights, staring back at us, illuminating the way forward. Yes we have been burnt. Yes we rise. Yes we existed. We existed. Our love has always existed. It has been celebrated. It has been persecuted. It has survived. These are our love stories.

Myths for Lovers is a collection of short stories, each recounting a different queer Greek myth. These stories are grounded in truth, and coloured in with detail and creative license. They are glimpses into moments between ancient lovers. Some stories will attempt to span across a life, and others, an evening. We will sit on the inside of the world with these characters. We will shift perspectives. We will experience these lovers’ heat, their yearning, their wrath, their inevitable fate.
This is a book to read to your lover. Sex. Smut. Irreverence. What the ancient Greeks do best. With queerness brought to the forefront.

Non Fiction/Reference: the Arts & Humanities

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