Esmeralda’s Nest

Robert Moore, Mandy Foot

Each day Esmeralda collects a variety of objects and waddles down the hill.
Everyone wonders why the Saddleback sow is carrying a bottle, fencing wire and a pair of trousers in her mouth.
Only Esmeralda knows. Nothing will stop her.
Esmeralda’s Nest is a sweet story introducing children to the days of the week and the way that animals nest.

I loved this. Children will love it as much as the adults that share it with them.

- Anastasia Gonis, Kids' Book Review

Picture book

Robert Moore

Robert Moore lives in Adelaide and is a published author of several children’s books and fiction as well as numerous poems, articles and short stories. He won the inaugural Feast Short Story Competition and was awarded a special commendation by AsthmaSA for his play Breathe Easy

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