Everyday Enlightenment

Luke McLeod

Meditation is easy – but many people find it hard.

Meditation is for everybody – but not everybody is doing it.

Luke McLeod has taught thousands of people to meditate and showed how beneficial it is. In this book he demystifies meditation through simple exercises and encouragement.

Would you consider yourself to be ‘average’? Maybe you’ve done some pretty cool and impressive things in your life so far, like run a marathon, gain a bachelor’s degree or sailed the coast of Croatia. But in comparison to what we read about most days (billionaires buying super yachts) or see on social media (influencers with perfect teeth and eight-packs) most of us are pretty average, right?

Yet some of the most unhappy and dissatisfied people Luke McLeod has ever met have also been some of the most wealthy, smart and supposedly spiritual people he’s met. And some of the happiest and most content people he’s met seemed to be the most everyday people.

Luke had sought ‘traditional success’ for himself in the hope of transformation – he read all the personal development books, pursuing fame and wealth, only to be left confused and trying to find more answers.

What finally made all the difference? Meditation.

Meditation showed him that he didn’t have to change his life completely to transform it. So you can incorporate meditation practice and continue to live your life pretty much the same as you are right now if you choose to.

Maybe you are yearning for drastic transformation in your life, though. The suggestions outlined in this book will still help. In fact, even more so. Luke has found that simple daily mindful exercises make a bigger and more sustainable change overall in life than any of traditional ‘achievements’ we currently hold in such high regard.

So maybe a better question is, can someone who lives a seemingly average life also live a truly happy, even enlightened life?

Luke believes so, and this book is designed to show you how.

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