Facts and Other Lies

Ed Coper

From fringe conspiracy theories to ‘alternative facts’, a timely look at how we arrived in the ‘fake news’ era.

Facts and Other Lies puts fake news in its historical context and explains how disinformation has fractured society, even threatening democracy itself. It explains why disinformation is so potent and so hard to stop, and what we can do to help prevent its proliferation in Australia-where politicians and shock jocks are already operating from the same dark playbook. It outlines how anyone can defuse disinformation in the home, office or pub, or wherever the deluded gather to spread their nonsense. Be prepared!

Essential reading for anyone wanting to cut through the nonsense and get to the truth'

- Eason Jordan, former Chief News Executive, CNN

This is a timely account of a growing malignancy affecting all modern democracies'

- Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia

Paperback & ebook
Cultural studies

Ed Coper was on the frontlines when the internet collided with democracy, growing Australia’s first online political movement to quickly amass more members than every political party combined. He pioneered techniques to bring politics into the digital age. He has advised campaigns on every continent except Antarctica, and high-profile changemakers from Malala Yousafzai to Richard Branson. Ed founded the New York-based Center for Impact Communications, which has led efforts to safeguard US elections from disinformation and overcome vaccine hesitancy.

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