Emily O'Grady

A spare and insightful novel from the critically acclaimed author of The Yellow House.

Alison is an actress, Patrick a musician. Famous, wealthy, and past their creative prime, the couple live an isolated existence in the Scottish Highlands. That is, until Patrick’s teenage daughter Neve flees Australia to spend a year abroad with her father and Alison, the step-mother she barely knows.

Feast takes place over the course of a celebratory weekend, when Neve’s mother Shannon descends on the house for Neve’s 18th birthday. When Alison, still mourning the death of her mother, unexpectedly and miraculously falls pregnant, she sees her unborn child as an opportunity to restore balance to the universe: a chance to right the wrongs that haunt the family. Over the duration of the weekend, tension builds and facades crumble.

Feast is the story of three women connected beyond blood, and what happens when their darkest selves are hauled into the light.

Praise for The Yellow House

‘The novel’s key strength is its ability to make the reader identify with its youthful protagonist. There is a wonderfully understated air of suspense and intrigue as Cub (and the reader) attempts to piece together the family mystery that her neighbours and classmates all know about… O’Grady is a talented storyteller; it’s her narrative skills that make this grim tome so compelling.’ – Australian Book Review

‘Creepy and atmospheric… It’s a measure of the skill of the writing that this uncomfortable, often ugly tale is such an immersive and evocative story, with a sense of horror that is never far from the surface.’ – Herald Sun

‘A polished first novel… O’Grady does an excellent job of exploring just how deep the damage runs… Whether Cassie will be able to get away and ditch the trauma he’s been born into – whether any of them will – is the narrative drive that gives this dark, unsettling debut its chilling momentum.’ – The Sydney Morning Herald

The Yellow House is an outstanding novel, haunting but with small glimpses of hope.’ – Writing NSW

Literary Suspense

Emily O'Grady

Emily O’Grady is a writer from Brisbane. Her debut novel, The Yellow House, won the 2018 The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award and was shortlisted for the 2019 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Fiction. Her work has been published in Meanjin, Kill Your Darlings, The Big Issue fiction edition, and New Australian Fiction 2021.

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