Gail Jones: Word, Image Ethics

Tanya Dalziell

Drawing together ideas from literature, art, philosophy and photography, the volume presents a compelling analysis of Jones’ literary commitment to the political and the personal, and reflects on how and why we interpret literary texts.
An essential contribution to the intersecting fields of Australian studies and international literature, Gail Jones: Word, Image, Ethics offers innovative insights into the writing of one of Australia’s most accomplished authors.

Dalziell’s analysis is finely tuned to Jones’s refusal to settle for easy answers either in narrative form or in representing her characters’ inner lives ... Dalziell's insights made me want to return to the less-familiar texts and reread them with her key concepts in mind.

- Sue Kossew Australian Book Review

Paperback & ebook
Literary studies

Tanya Dalziell

Tanya Dalziell is an Associate Professor of English and Literary Studies at the University of Western Australia. With Paul Genoni, she is the author of Half the Perfect World: Writers, Dreamers and Drifters on Hydra, 1955–1964.

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