Ginnie & Pinney – Pinney the Winner

Penny Harris/Winnie Zhou

A book on Selflessness. It is sports day and Pinney is determined to win a chocolate medal. But when his close friend, Ginnie, has a fall, Pinney has to make a decision. Will he stop and help Ginnie or continue on to win the last race? Is winning that important? What will Pinney do?

There is both a need and a market for this book. The Ginnie and Pinney books already have proven appeal internationally shown by the interest coming from China and Finland and the HundrED award.

- Dr Jen Glasser, The Israeli Centre for Philosphy in Education

Nurturing children’s mental and emotional wellbeing is critical in helping them thrive in a fast-changing world as they grow up. I love how the Ginnie and Pinney Learn to Grow series of books starts the process early for children, teaching emotional intelligence, ethical thinking, and empathy in a fun and engaging way. Any book that instigates wide ranging conversations between kids and parents is worth its weight in gold as the insights gleaned and lessons learned can be life changing. I also love how these books are delightfully simple, meaning the core messages can be easily understood and discussed with kids at a young age.

- Josh Langley - Author of Award winning book It's Ok to be and mental health advocate

Ginnie& Pinney is an amazing concept designed to help young children develop important skills in empathy ethical thinking and emotional intelligence. There is nothing available like this. It is AMAZING!

- David Worland, CEO Asutralian Childcare Alliance

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Selected for the Victorian Department of Education and Training’s School Readiness Funding Menu for 2020.
HundrED’s international committee Awarded as a 1 of 100 innovative, educational programs internationally that are changing the face of K12 education today.
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Penny Harris

Winnie Zhou

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Ginnie & Pinney – Pinney the Winner
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