Golden Keys of Gaia

by Vanessa Tait, artwork by Hannah Adamaszek

Unlock the wisdom of the Golden Keys of Gaia, an oracle for a profound connection with Mother Earth. Drawing from Indigenous ecology, earth-based spirituality, and Tibetan wisdom, it guides inner harmony and vision manifestation.

This deck is a voice of our ancestors, reminding us of our sacred partnership with Earth. The oracle illuminates paths to discovering the Golden Keys, fostering a deeper connection with yourself, nature, and the world soul. Explore teachings that have stood the test of time, guiding you to meet the world as our ancestors once did.

May it open your heart and mind more to meet with closer connectedness to yourself, with nature and the anima mundi — the world soul. Embrace this oracle for personal growth, spiritual insight, and rekindling your profound connection with Gaia, our Great Mother Earth.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Vanessa Tait

Introducing Vanessa Tait: a visionary healer, author, and eco-warrior. Armed with a background in psychology, counselling, and a range of holistic practices, Vanessa’s transformative expertise takes healing to a whole new dimension. She’s not just a holistic life coach, but also a certified yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and massage therapist. Her abilities as a healer empower individuals to unlock balance and wellbeing in every aspect of their lives.

But that’s not all. Vanessa is an accomplished author and poet, channelling nature’s wisdom and ancient knowledge into her powerful work. Her deep connection to sacred ecology and Indigenous ways of living in union with the land reflect her commitment to healing Mother Earth. Published in prestigious magazines and serving as editor for Witches Magazine, Vanessa’s influence is far-reaching.

With her warm and compassionate approach, Vanessa empowers others to embark on profound journeys of growth and self-discovery. Whether through coaching, counselling, yoga, massage, or writing, she passionately encourages others to come back home to their hearts and lead fulfilling lives.

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Golden Keys of Gaia
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