Great Eastern Oracle

by Rassouli

Explore the divine philosophies of forty mystics through the wonder, brilliance, and artistry of Rassouli. Enliven your greater truth, open secret doors, and wander into beauty, inspiration, and spiritual enrichment as you journey into the hearts and wisdom of Confucious, Gurdjieff, Rumi, Gibran, and more.

A potent combination of visual and textual cues, each card holds a thousand interpretations and unlocks even more possibilities. Go beyond the rational to a place where potential evolves and your passions, values, and loves are at the center of your unfolding narrative.

This 44-card and 176-page guidebook set offers gentle yet powerful concepts of the great sages of the East for contemplation, guidance, divination, and illumination. A portal to truth, wholeness, imagination, and creativity is open to you, now.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit


Rassouli is known in the art world for his stunning and insightful artworks. He is an artist of life, one who lives and expresses whatever he does from his heart. He describes himself as an ogler and a libertine, one who is free to express what he sees and feels and imagines!

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Great Eastern Oracle
World ex English & French
Tanya Graham