Heads And Tails: Underwater

John Canty

At first we can only see the sea creature’s tail ends. Some clues help us try to identify each underwater creature as we learn more about each one. Now, can you guess sea creature that each tail belongs to before they are revealed once the page is turned?

This striking hardcover illustrated picture book displays a cavalcade of aquatic creatures which swim, glide or crawl left to right across the page, with the head of one appearing on the left while the tail of its predecessor is on the right

- Magpies Magazine

This book is a great start for kids setting out on the research journey, learning to look for clues in text and illustration, and learning to discuss things with others to share and disseminate knowledge.

- Read Plus

Canty has produced another exquisite and thoughtful book, both in writing and illustrations

- Reading Time

Paperback & Hardback
Underwater Creatures

John Canty

John Canty is an award winning author. His books include Heads and Tails (CBCA Notable and WINNER of the Speech Pathology award); Heads and Tails: Insects was a CBCA Honour Book and winner of the Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award at the China Shanghai International Book Fair.

Berbay Publishing

Berbay is an award-winning, independent children’s book publisher of illustration fiction and non-fiction. Collaborating with local and international talent, Berbay has established a reputation for high quality, original and enriching children’s book.

Heads And Tails: Underwater
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