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Yiasou! That’s hello in Greek!

Or would you like to say hello in Chinese? What about Italian or Korean? Murrinhpatha or Kaurna?

Meet 12 Australian friends who can speak different languages. They tell us how to count from 1 to 10, say hello and goodbye and lots of other words in their languages about play, food, hobbies and clothes.

Once we’ve said hello, we can watch Emiko playing the Japanese drum and Pilinh performing an Aboriginal dance. We can see how to make gnocchi with Sophia and flat bread with Amal.

This book is an introduction to 12 languages spoken most frequently in Australian homes, plus three Indigenous languages. At the back of the book is a pronunciation guide. Illustrated in a cartoon style, the pictures add humour and fun to language learning. Each language and culture is introduced by a child character – and you might spot a koala or two…

Selamat tinggal! That’s goodbye in Indonesian!

a lovely way to peek into the lives of Australian kids as they fish, drum, dance and play, all while learning a little more about some of the different cultural backgrounds that make up Australia.

- CBCA Reading Time

This is obviously a fantastic book for schools and libraries.

- Kids Book Review

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Children's Literature

Tony Flowers

Tony Flowers loves to draw and is an internationally acclaimed illustrator and artist. His drawings are loved in Japan for their detail and humour and he has won an award in the USA for his street chalk art.