Hi From Outer Space

Fiona Katauskas

A laugh-out-loud fish-out-of-water story (if that fish was an alien visiting Earth to complete his school project) from an award-winning cartoonist and bestselling children’s author.

With a whispery hiss, the spaceship touched down on the grass. A door opened. A ramp extended. An alien slid forward. ‘TAKE. ME. TO. YOUR. LEADER.’

Alex wants to win the National Young Cartoonist Competition. She’s got the talent, but what should she draw? Along comes Hi, an alien from the Planet Wendy. Hi is also working on a project: he has three days to learn about Earth’s leaders for his Earth Studies class. Maybe they could help each other?

Soon, Hi’s Earthly visit sets in motion a chain of extraordinary events, including a viral TikTok, a haunted shoe shop and an astronomically wild rock concert.

A cosmically funny story about leaders, followers and friendships that are out of this world.

Middle Grade Illustrated Fiction

Fiona Katauskas

Fiona Katauskas is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Sydney. Her work has appeared in a wide range of publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Age. She has also designed cards for the Ink Group and t-shirts for Mambo and is the bestselling author of the non-fiction picture book, The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made.

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