Honey and the Valley of Horses

Wendy Orr

A warm, family-friendly adventure with a touch of fantasy. Honey and her family seek the quiet comfort of a magical valley so they can escape the wide world and rebuild their resilience. A beautifully restorative novel from a multi-award-winning author.

When Honey was four and her brother Rumi was a tiny baby, a terrible illness swept the world. Grumpa died and a fog of grief fell over the family, so they loaded up their converted ice-cream-van-camper and drove away from the sad wide world. High in the mountains, they crossed a bridge to follow a mysterious herd of enchanted horses into a sheltered valley. The bridge and the track disappeared behind them — and now they are trapped in paradise.

They must become self-sufficient, so they all learn to fish, grow vegetables and experiment with edible bush plants. The creek water is fresh and clear, and the van’s solar panels give them power, but no messages from the outside world are ever received. It seems likely that no one beyond the valley has been left alive. But when her father falls desperately ill, Honey is sure there must still be people in the big wide world who can help. She is determined to draw on her resourcefulness, self-belief and courage, but will this be enough to find a way out of the valley?

Middle Grade Fiction

Wendy Orr

Wendy Orr was born in Canada, and grew up in France, Canada and the USA. After high school, she studied occupational therapy in England, married an Australian farmer and moved to Australia. They had a son and daughter, and now live on five acres of bush near the sea. Her books have won awards in Australia and around the world, and have been translated into twenty-six languages. www. wendyorr.com

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Honey and the Valley of Horses
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