Horrible Harriet and the Terrible Tantrum

Leigh Hobbs

From the incredible imagination of Leigh Hobbs comes our old friend, Horrible Harriet … and an original character! What’s green, has three eyes, and lives in a cage by Horrible Harriet’s bed? It’s the Terrible Tantrum!

Horrible Harriet was bored with being a bad girl. She wanted to be a good girl for a change.

Horrible Harriet wants to be accepted and to have some friends. She tries out some ‘good-girl’ smiles and some ‘good-girl’ behaviours – like thoughtful gift-giving and being polite. She tries to fit in with life at school, and to keep her ‘terrible tantrum’ locked away. But as with all strong emotions, the Terrible Tantrum won’t be tamed! It escapes, with surprising – and hilarious – results!

Picture Books

Leigh Hobbs is a legend in Australian publishing. He has won every major Australian children’s choice award there is, was the Australian Children’s Laureate for two years, and in 2019 was one of five Australian Legends of Children’s Literature featured by Australia Post on a stamp.

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