Horse Wisdom Oracle

by Kathy Pike, artwork by Laurie Prindle

Delve into the profound wisdom of horses and connect deeply with the earth. In a world filled with expectations and conditioning, these cards provide practical guidance based on the metaphors and behavior of horses, known for their grounded, quiet wisdom.

Discover the strength and courage needed to live life on your terms, guided by intuition and inner truth. As you break free from your constraints, you will unveil the magnificent and inspirational spirit within you, like the free-spirited horses roaming the open plains.

Horse Wisdom Oracle, uniquely designed in a landscape format, provides an expanded perspective for your journey. It encourages you to take each step toward your true self, building confidence, integrating each card’s message, and creating the brightest version of your spirit. Let the intelligence of horses be your guide on your path to balance, inspiration, and authenticity. Unlock the magic of this card deck and embark on a practical journey of self-discovery with the spirit of the horse as your trusted companion.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Kathy Pike

Kathy Pike is a teacher, coach, artist, nature lover, and new thought leader. She is the author of Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses: How Horses Teach Us about Relationships and Healing; Horse Spirits Speak: On Love, Presence, and Harmony in a Chaotic World (also available in Polish); Hope from the Heart of Horses: How Horses Teach Us about Presence, Strength, and Awareness (available in Dutch); and Pathways to a Radiant Self: A Journey of Growth and Discovery with the Chakras.

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Horse Wisdom Oracle
World ex English & French
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