How I Learnt To Act

Francis Greenslade

Francis Greenslade has been an actor for thirty years. Here he tells the story of how as an enthusiastic but formally untrained actor he learnt to manage the demands of text and character and emotional connection with the character. Along with how to stand on your mark, and read a call sheet, and deal with directors.
Half acting manual, half entertaining tale of the world of professional acting in Australia, this is a book for all actors, whether amateur or professional, novice or veteran, and indeed anyone who has ever wondered what it is that actors actually do.

I laughed a lot, and I learned even more and I implore anyone interested in a career in acting – not sure why you would be – to please read this book.  Do not embark without it. It is wonderful.

- Colette Mann, Australian actor

One of Australia's finest comic actors has generously given us two books for the price of one: a disarmingly frank account of a thespian life and a compendium of practical advice for actors of any age. Sagacity, insight and perceptiveness illuminate every page.

- Max Gillies

Francis Greenslade's book is an insightful, entertaining and at times painfully honest account about a life in performing arts. His advice is priceless because it's born of lived experience.

- William McInnes

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Francis Greenslade

Francis Greenslade is a familiar face to TV and theatre audiences, having been a freelance actor for over thirty years. He is also a writer, teacher and director.

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How I Learnt To Act
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