How to Measure the Ocean

Inda Ahmad Zahri

A story that blends nature, maths and wonder, inspired by a child’s curiosity about infinite possibilities and by the beauty of numbers – alongside the creator’s life-long love affair with the ocean.

The ocean can be difficult to measure.
That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.
You can work most things out…
once you know what you’re measuring.

A joyful ode to the ocean and all it contains, from dynamic picture book talent Inda Ahmad Zahri.

Picture Book

Inda Ahmad Zahri

Inda Ahmad Zahri writes and illustrates stories that are often imbued with her fervent wish for a kinder world. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, she now splits her time between her garden home in Meanjin/Brisbane and a sandy spot in the Middle East. She counts books, languages, Malaysian rice dishes and the ocean as some of her greatest loves. Inda’s debut book, Salih, was a Notable Book in the CBCA Picture Book of the Year Awards. She has written several other picture books and received an ASA/CA Mentorship Award in 2021 to develop a middle grade novel. The Month That Makes the Year was her first author-illustrator title. Inda is also a surgical doctor, a vocation that has taught her to be meticulous while embracing chaos, and to appreciate the gentler moments in life.

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How to Measure the Ocean
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