Huda Was Here

H. Hayek

Huda hatches a bold plan to help her dad get a job – which lands her and her brother in all kinds of trouble. A delightful and funny story, from a CBCA award-winning author, about a lion-hearted girl who just wants the best for her family.

I told her this would happen. I told her we’d get caught and arrested. But she didn’t listen. Now we’re stuck here. At the police station. Huda yawns loudly and stretches out her arms. Almost like she’s bored in science class and waiting for the bell to go for lunch. Except we’re not at school, we’re in police custody. Because of her stupid idea.

When her dad loses his job as a security officer and takes a job interstate, Huda convinces Akeal to help her sneak out each night to create mischief in the neighbourhood – in the hope that with more crime, their dad will be reinstated as a security patroller.

The dynamic duo begin their crime spree by pushing over bins the night before rubbish collection. They are chased by FLUFFY ROBE MAN which is only the beginning of the HOT WATER they end up in. As their activities escalate, will they be able to outsmart the authorities? Huda is brave, but how much is she willing to risk for family unity – and what else might she and Akeal uncover along the way?

A thoroughly entertaining story full of hijinks, courage and hilarity.

Middle Grade Fiction

H. Hayek

H. Hayek is the second-youngest of seven children, born to Lebanese-Australian parents. She was born in Adelaide, grew up in Perth and now lives in Melbourne. She struggled with reading and writing through her earliest years at school, but knew from the time she was a little girl that she wanted to work with words. After completing a degree in Mass Communication (Journalism & Public Relations) she went on to graduate with a degree in Teaching. She has worked as a primary school teacher in Melbourne’s west and as a journalist. But above all, writing stories involving unique kids, with unique backgrounds, has been her passion. H. Hayek enjoys exploring themes of identity – what it means to be Australian, Muslim, and Lebanese. She also enjoys being a little bit mischievous.

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Huda Was Here
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