I Am the Mau

Chemutai Glasheen

This enticing collection of contemporary fiction is a celebration of our ubuntu: the invisible ties that bind us all together. From ancient forest guardians to modern cultural warriors, from grappling with age-old traditions to championing hair identity, these evocative stories explore the duality of Kenyan life and how to find a way between two cultures, both of which are yours. Chemutai Glasheen’s unforgettable characters are drawn from her early life in Africa with all its richness, diversity and complexity.

‘Chemutai Glasheen delivers a powerful and vibrant collection of short stories inspired by her upbringing in Africa. Each brilliant tale is infused with vivid imagery of the continent and its people … A great read to enjoy, learn from, and remember long after closing the final page.’

- Books+Publishing

‘Schools can use books like I Am the Mau and other stories to encourage dialogue on racial issues as well as normalising difference.’

- School News

‘This is a wonderful collection of stories that show the challenges that come with the need to change and adapt traditions into modern life. It is a collection of stories and challenges and all the things that keep us together as a family, as a community, and as a nation.

- Lamont Books

Paperback & ebook
Own voice, Young adult

Chemutai Glasheen

Chemutai Glasheen is a teacher and a sessional academic at Curtin University. She writes fiction for young people and her work is influenced by her interest and experience in human rights and education.

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