If I Should Lose You

Natasha Lester

From the author of The Riviera House and What Is Left Over After comes a story of resilience and compassion.In the shadow of her illustrious transplant surgeon mother, Camille follows a different path – a caring nurse who guides families through the heart-wrenching decisions of organ donation. But her personal and professional worlds collide when her critically ill daughter takes a turn for the worse. As her marriage cracks under the pressure, and an unexpected invitation from her mother’s ex-lover wrenches the past into the present, Camille is faced with impossible decisions that speak to the self-sacrificial courage of mothers everywhere. From the bestselling Australian author, this compelling story will take readers from the dramatic scenes of an organ transport ward to the elegant beauty of an art sculpture exhibition, and the way both places offer solace and perspective.

‘It is a subtle and sensitive work that eloquently tackles loss, love and life.’

- West Australian

Here is a story that resonates long after reading.’

- Andrea Goldsmith

‘a profound and confronting novel worth reading.’

- Weekend Courier

Paperback & ebook
Contemporary Women's Fiction

Natasha Lester

Natasha Lester won the Hungerford Award for her debut novel and since then, she’s become a New York Times-bestselling author of seven historical novels. Her books have been translated into many different languages and are published all around the world.

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