Inner Child Oracle

by Teresa Salerno, artwork by Christine Karron

With wisdom to share and love to
spare …
The crossroads of childhood curiosity and adult
understanding is a place of unique possibility. Connect with the innate wisdom of your inner child to navigate the tangles, trials and tumbles of the grown-up world and meet your challenges with a lighter heart, ready for mischief, manifesting and miracles.
brave, inquisitive and beautiful inner child has insightful and nurturing
guidance for you.
This gorgeously illustrated oracle set offers gentle healing to soothe hurts, dissolve barriers and restore your spirit. Reclaim the missing pieces of your puzzles and delight in tall adventures, remembered
pleasures and daring self-belief with your inner child. Be all you were born to
be — a world of wonder awaits. 

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Teresa Salerno

Teresa Salerno is a dedicated holistic wellness advocate, oracle card author and the founder of Kokoro Ki Healing, a healing space for those wanting to live a more intuitive and conscious life.Teresa has been practising Reiki since completing her studies in 2016 with Melbourne Reiki Training. She is also an experienced yoga teacher and practitioner. She completed her training with The Australian College of Classical Yoga in 2004 and has been practising and teaching yoga on and off the mat ever since, while also raising her two children.With additional certificates in counselling, health and fitness in her toolkit, Teresa is passionate about helping people establish a balanced and holistic approach to an authentic life.

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Inner Child Oracle
World ex English & French
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