Is My Phone Reading My Mind?

Dr Matt Agnew

Let Dr Matt explain everything you and your kids need to know about Artificial Intelligence and why you don’t need to be afraid!

When you think of AI, you might imagine a walking, talking robot or you might think of a giant computer that wants to take over the world, but the reality is that AI is a brilliant human invention that can be found in nearly every modern device from our computers to our cars.

AI can seem scary at times, so working out where we use AI and why is an important part of making the best of this exciting technology. So, what is an algorithm and can it help you choose pizza? Can ChatGPT do your homework? And when you watch TV, is it watching you back? All these questions and more about AI are answered in a fun, funny and engaging way.

Dr Matt Agnew has a Doctorate in Astrophysics and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence and believes in making STEM accessible for everyone.

Illustrated Non-Fiction

Dr Matt Agnew

Dr Matt Agnew is more than a scientist and a self-confessed nerd – he’s a communications powerhouse making STEM fun and accessible for everyone.

With myriad appearances across media channels, and a social media profile with a wide and varied audience, Dr Matt is a passionate and engaging scientist who has worn many hats – as an engineer, an astrophysicist, and an artificial intelligence expert – and has become a popular commentator on the latest happenings in the world of science.

Dr Matt has a Doctorate in Astrophysics and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence, and is one of Australia’s leading ‘edutainers’. He was born in Adelaide, raised in Perth and now lives in Melbourne with his dog Pluto.

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