Islam and Muslims in Australia

Jan Ali

Islam has long been a part of the multicultural landscape of major urban centres in Australia and encompasses a great diversity of theological, jurisprudential and cultural practices. Despite this, in popular discourse, media presentations, and political debates Muslims are represented as a homogeneous group. This timely book examines the growing presence of Islam and Muslims in Australia and how it is transforming, and transformed by, social, cultural and religious spaces. Employing critical analysis and macrosociology, Islam and Muslims in Australia provides valuable insights into this growth and development and illuminates how socio-cultural, economic, and political processes maintain and manage the ways Australian Muslims build their religious lives and identities and engage in the wider world, while facing the inevitable effects of modernity. This book argues that Islam in different parts of the world as well as in Australia is more than just a religion, a cultural system or a social structure, but is a complex composite of diverse institutional processes and functions, social routines and norms, and sacred rituals and practices responsible for shaping the lives of Muslims. This volume focuses on five broad areas of sociological analysis namely Muslim settlement, Muslim integration, shari’ah, Muslim education, and global terrorism.

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Jan Ali

Jan A Ali is a religious sociologist specialising in Islam. He is a senior lecturer in Islam and Modernity in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at the Western Sydney University.

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Islam and Muslims in Australia
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