It’s All Connected: Feminist Fiction & Poetry

Pauline Hopkins (editor)

Feminists have long known that it’s all connected. The stories, the families, the country, the River . In this anthology, poets and short story writers create worlds with words. This book includes stories that draw on mythic traditions rewritten for our time. There are thieves, grandmothers, teenagers breaking out, dark caves to explore and real estate to sell; there are mysteries from the grave, experiments that go wrong, road trips, a circus, an opera, families that break and families that hold together; there are birds and animals and babies, and there is the pandemic. There is stillness and movement; closeness and distance.

This eclectic range of authors brings their unique perspectives to storytelling as they each grapple to understand the past and meet the challenges ahead, daring to share their joy and pain, their fear and anger, their hopes and disappointments. These are women who dare to remember, to claim their own stories and to wonder what may have been.

Paperback & ebook
women, feminism

Pauline Hopkins

Pauline Hopkins is an editor at Spinifex Press and a bookseller.

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