It’s up to U!

Jeremy Kalbstein, Leigh Brown

I was a happy letter.
I would do art with A and play on the monkey bars with M. But most of the time, I would play alone.

One night, N posted an embarrassing image online. I logged out and went to bed not feeling so happy.

Sometimes things happen online that are difficult for young people to cope with. It’s up to U! encourages young people to be upstanders and make the online experience a positive one for those around them.

‘A very important book for all children in today's digital age. I highly recommend it -easy to read, easy for children to understand the messages and beautifully illustrated.’

- A cyber-safe parent

Online safety, bullying

Jeremy Kalbstein

Jeremy is passionate about cyber safety and his goal is to make using and learning with and without technology engaging, relevant, creative and safe for children, families and schools.

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It’s up to U!
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