Jacaranda Maths Quest 8 VC Revised

Kylie Boucher, Lyn Elms, Douglas Scott

In building the Jacaranda Maths Quest Victorian Curriculum series, we have created a resource which supports teachers in ensuring that students of all abilities can achieve success – ensuring no student is left behind, and no student is held back. We believe it is vital for students to experience success in Mathematics in order to progress. That’s why we are passionate about crafting the best and most innovative learning resources. The latest editions include these key features:
* Videos to address the 50 most commonly held misconceptions and history of mathematics are directly embedded at the point of learning
* Worked examples featuring the familiar THINK/WRITE columns provide exemplary solutions and explanations
* Carefully graded questions in each exercise enable progression and cater to learners at different levels
* Fully worked solutions demonstrate best practice and help prevent the creation of misconceptions
* Investigations and rich tasks provide students with opportunities for open-ended problem solving
* Reading content with integrated media provides a dynamic and uninterrupted learning experience.

Paperback & ebook

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