Jane in Love

Rachel Givney

Jane Austen time-travels to the future and falls in love. But will she choose happiness in the present, or her career as a writer in the past?

If Jane Austen had to choose between the heart and the pen, what would she do?

Bath, England, 1803. At age twenty-eight, Jane Austen should be seeking a suitable husband, but all she wants to do is write. She is forced to take extreme measures in her quest to find true love – which lands her in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Magically, she finds herself in modern-day England, where horseless steel carriages line the streets and people wear very little clothing. She forms a new best friend in fading film star Sofia Wentworth, and a genuine love interest in Sofia’s brother Fred, who has the audacity to be handsome, clever and kind-hearted. She is also delighted to discover that she is now a famous writer, a published author of six novels and beloved around the globe. But as Jane’s romance with Fred blossoms, her presence in the literary world starts to waver. She must find a way to stop herself disappearing from history before it’s too late.

A modern-day reimagining of the life of one of the world’s most celebrated writers, this wonderfully witty romantic comedy offers a new side to Jane’s story, which sees her having to choose between the heart and the pen.

Artfully written and engaging, a lively effusion of wit and humour.'

- Graeme Simsion, author of The Rosie Project

‘A genuinely funny, feel-good read, as well as deeply moving,’

- Sunday Times

‘Delightful modern-day re-imagining of Jane Austen, full of rich and nuanced characters… all the charm and wit we love about Austen in a gorgeous modern-England setting. Fun, delightful and completely entertaining,’

- Better Reading


Rachel Givney

RACHEL GIVNEY is a writer and filmmaker. She has worked on Offspring, The Warriors, McLeod’s Daughters, Rescue: Special Ops and All Saints. Her films have been official selections at the Sydney Film Festival, Flickerfest and many more. Jane in Love is her first novel.

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Jane in Love
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