Just Like Molly

Pippa Dowling, Sunshine

I have a friend called Molly, she loves playing games.
Molly sleeps under my bed, nobody can see her, only me.
One day Molly wasn’t in my room, she wasn’t anywhere.
That night I cried.

This is a beautifully simple book that reassures kids that there is a friend out there perfect for them. A gentle story of friendship and having the courage to make new friends.

This story is a lovely transition book for those little ones who are ready to let go of their imaginary friends, or for those who are leaving old friends behind and are nervous about starting at a new school and making new friends.'

- Kid's Book Review

social anxiety, friendship

Pippa Dowling

Pippa firmly believes that everybody deserves to be treated with kindness. ‘Just Like Molly’, written when she was just ten years old, is Pippa’s first book and she is very excited to see where this journey may lead.

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Just Like Molly
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