Karu: Growing up Gurindji

Violet Wadrill

In Karu, Gurindji women describe their child-rearing practices. Some have a spiritual basis, while others are highly practical in nature, such as the use of bush medicines. Many Gurindji ways of raising children contrast with non-Indigenous practices because they are deeply embedded in an understanding of country and family connections. This book celebrates children growing up Gurindji and honours those Gurindji mothers, grandmothers, assistant teachers and health workers who dedicate their lives to making that possible.

Karu: Growing Up Gurindji shares the cultural knowledge, language and experiences of some extraordinary women and their roles as matriarchs, aunties, sisters and health workers. Karu gives new meaning to the phrase ‘bedtime stories’ with Dreamtime stories about Gurindji country, its creatures, and the morals followed to live a rich life.

- —Dr Anita Heiss, Wiradjuri Nation, author and Professor of Communications, University of Queensland

Beautifully written by First Nations women on Gurindji country where the fight for equal wages began. This book passionately expresses the stories told by strong women about their history and culture. A must read!

- —Senator Malarndirri McCarthy, Yanyuwa Nation, Senator for the Northern Territory

I am so impressed by this book I keep buying it for other people. It is written bi-lingually in Gurindji and English. The stories are simple but expressive. The book has lots of wonderful photos.

- —Reader, Canberra, Booktopia

Paperback & ebook
Indigenous, bilingual

Violet Wadrill

Violet Waddrill, Biddy Wavehill Yamawurr and Topsy Dodd Ngarnjal are senior Gurindji cultural custodians and artists, committed to the documentation of their language and culture. Felicity Meakins is a linguist and an Associate Professor at the University of Queensland.

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