Kid President

Jack Heath & Max Rambaldi

Jaxxon has accidentally been elected to rule as the first ever
KID PRESIDENT. He has big ideas: free ice-cream in every school,
homework to be made illegal, and all national parks to become
skate parks.

But not everyone is happy about the new changes. And they are
willing to do just about anything to kick him out of office.

Can Jaxxon keep his presidency and show everyone he totally rules?

Combined with terrific illustrations by Max Rambaldi, readers will be thoroughly engaged with the storyline and adventures. This is a story that will keep readers eager to find out what will happen next and keep them amused and interested until the very end.

- Michelle O'Connell, ReadPlus

Illustrated younger fiction

Jack Heath & Max Rambaldi

Jack Heath is the author of more than thirty books, including the best-selling Liars and Minutes of Danger series. This is his second comedy for middle-grade readers. Max Rambaldi grew up in Italy, filling blank space with her brush strokes. Max believes that colours can change the future.

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